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The Herbarium of the 22nd Century (?).

In the summer of 2021 Greece experienced a historic heatwave with extremely high temperatures and multiple wildfires burning all around the country.  

On August 2021 the larger one breaks out in Evia on a large, very dense, forest area. After burning hundreds of thousands of acres, the fire went out only when it reached the seashore.

The Herbarium of the 22nd Century(?) is a collection of carbonized flora samples of what's left of the North Evian forests, found washed up on South Pelion shores right across the wildfires. 
A sad reminder that "Even in the obscure vast history of a planet the time it takes to make a forest counts. It takes a while" (Urs. Le Guin).

Carbonized flora samples, acrylic plastic case. 2021

50x40x5 cm

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