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Project  realized in the art residency organized by the University of Ferrara and ECeC Laboratory in the 1st excavation campaign in Appia Antica 39.

Based on her experience in the field and her personal artistic research, Athina K. was invited to contribute to the archaeological excavation as an artist in residence in order to develop a research project with a multidimensional approach between the boundaries of archaeology and art.

During her stay, she followed closely the scientific process that the team of archaeologists applied. She observed, explored, and finally borrowed their actions and experimented with methodologies, to produce a creative output with a speculative approach on the process of archaeology digging, its outcomes and interpretations while discussing material culture and the living landscape.

Her project consisted of 3 phases. Press the links above to find out more.

The project was realized with the scientific advice of archaeologist Francesca Romana Fiano.

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