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Athina has studied Restoration and Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art at the UniWa, Athens and graduated with distinction from the MSc program Post industrial Design and Artistic Practices at the University of Thessaly, Volos.

She works in a cooperative artist’s studio in the centre of Athens. In recent years she has worked in various restoration and excavation projects all around Greece while at the same time she practices nomadic beekeeping.


Her practice is formed through a continuous research in the fields of antiquities restoration, archeological excavation, biology, philosophy, post-industrial and speculative design.

She collects findings of organic nature and traces of everyday life which are later presented in a newfound way. Sometimes ephemeral, sometimes interactive, usually in a state of change over time, her work explores the particular symbiosis that prevails in the field of ¨new ecology¨ that characterizes the complex human-natural interdependence.


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